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Workshops & Events Calendar

Registration/Cancellation Policy

Pre-registration is required for events and workshops. Advance registration helps to ensure that the workshop that you want to attend does not get cancelled. Pre-registration sets an intention that affirms the group & the event.

Cancellation Policy: Out of consideration for the event planners, participants, and Diana's time - we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please notify the event contact within 48 hours of the event if you must cancel your seat (s). You are responsible for all parties that sign up with your credit card registration. Advance notice allows us to accommodate others that may be wait-listed. If you do not cancel or do not show at the event, your credit card will be charged or the deposit forfeited. A full refund will be issued if a cancellation is received within the 48 hours or an event is cancelled by the event host or Diana. In the event of unexpected severe weather, we would appreciate at least a 4 hour advance notice of cancellation. Thanks for your consideration!

July 2017

Intuitive Development & Mediumship Practice Series. (on-going closed group)
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Andover, Ma

By Special Request - a second date for:
Ancestral Healing – Level I

Sunday, July 9, 2017 12:30pm – 5pm Cost: $85
Private office, Andover, Ma

Do you have gifts, challenges, or beliefs that are difficult to explain? Are there patterns that your family seems to carry forward from generation to generation?
The answer may lie in your family history.

What exactly is ancestral healing? It is a healing of your family tree. There are many spiritual traditions that teach us that our ancestors are alive within us and that their influence can have a profound effect on our lives for good or present us with obstacles to overcome. Our ancestor's beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, unresolved issues and even gifts are passed down energetically through our DNA. Understanding and working with this knowledge plays a pivotal role in our evolution. Our ancestors have been waiting for us to do this work not only to heal ourselves, future generations, but to help them evolve as well. If you feel drawn to this course - then chances are your ancestors are calling out to you to step into your power. They have wisdom to share. In this class, we will explore:

• The import of ancestral healing on our individual and collective consciousness
• The generational pain and messaging that each of us carry and how to heal it
• Your spiritual DNA and the information that it holds
• Ways to heal and transform emotional wounds, trauma, and karma for yourself and future generations
• How to free your Will and reclaim your personal power
• How to have a relationship with your ancestors. How to work them as allies on your spiritual path and more.

Lastly, Diana will lead a group ancestral healing ceremony. The ceremony is based upon several shamanic traditions and Hawaiian Huna principals. Join us for this powerful eye-opening class and group healing. Please bring a roll-up or blanket for our healing ceremony and a small family heirloom or picture of an ancestor to the class as a symbol of your family tree. Preregistration required. To Register Contact Diana

Join me at:
ZuZu's Summertime Expo
Sunday, July 16 at 10 AM - 5 PM Admission is $5 cash only
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Danvers, Ma

Beat the summer heat and renew your Spirit at this fantastic event. It offers something for everyone! Wonderful vendors, psychic readings, aura photography, energy healers and FREE seminars!

My free seminar:
What the Bleep??!! Down the Rabbit Hole – Now what? Time: 3pm
To say there has been a lot rising to the surface over the last months would be an understatement. We’ve been riding the wave of multiple energetic shifts. Transits such as these bring much to our attention. It has felt like a deep dive or a swim through mud for many of us. This seminar offers a Higher Perspective on current events and some wonderful GPS to help us successfully navigate these periods of uncertainty with wisdom, grace, and awareness. And, hopefully with a wee bit of humor! Join us.

Hello From Heaven: A Small Mediumship Gallery
Saturday, July 22, 2017 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Andover, Ma

Join Diana Harris for an evening of connecting to your loved ones, friends, and pets that have passed on in a small group setting. Everyone is ensured personal attention and receives a message. To Register

The Power of Ritual: Reclaiming Our Magic and Feminine Wisdom
Sunday, July 23, 2017 5:30pm – 8:30pm Tuition $65
The Healing Power of Flowers, Salem, NH

When sacred ritual is absent in our lives, we fall out of alignment with Mother Earth and Life. We feel out of balance, lost, unable to manifest, and disconnected from our Feminine Wisdom. Rituals root us to Mother Earth and create a bridge to Heaven. ~ Diana

Once upon a time, we lived in loving intimacy with Mother Earth. Women were considered the sacred vessels of her Wisdom and were the record keepers. Mother Earth taught us the power of cycles. We created ceremonies to celebrate these sacred turnings and our own rituals to support healing, growth, change, and to honor our rites of passage.

Join us - Be inspired, get empowered, and reconnect to your Feminine Wisdom and Magic! We will learn how to: align our energy to support our intentions; prepare for ritual; set sacred space; understand and integrate the power of the elements into our rituals; work with the natural cycles; and how to use candles, sacred geometry, colors, & essential oils to support our intentions. We will discuss how to integrate minute rituals into our daily lives and the power of Intention in manifestation. Rituals that support healing, rites of passage, sending Light to others, manifestation and more will be covered. The purpose of this course is to rekindle your passion, empower you, and inspire you to create ceremonies to facilitate your self-realization. Every participant will receive a beautiful candle ritual starter kit and detailed guidance for creating or expanding their own ritual practice. This class is appropriate for all levels. We will close our time together by honoring our sacred lineage and the Divine Feminine. Pre-registration required. Contact: 603-275-7688.

August 2017

The Power of Ritual II: Sacred Circle and Moon Wisdom Gathering
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017 6:30pm – 8:45pm Tuition $45
The Healing Power of Flowers, Salem, NH

Whenever women gather in Circle, we return Home to the Feminine, reclaim our legacy, and participate in the Sacred Dance of the Universe. ~ Diana

Sitting in circle with other women creates a space where we can return Home to our Truth without judgment or labels. Within it, we allow the Goddess to speak and to nourish us. We rediscover our softness and our strength. This installment of The Power of Ritual is unique as it is a class, a Circle, and a ritual practice.

We will briefly discuss how to create effective moon rituals and integrate them into our Goddess practice; discuss the elements and their influence on the moon phases; and learn which cycles heighten our intuitive abilities and/or support other endeavors. More importantly - we will gather in sacred circle to support each other, honor our Feminine Wisdom, and heal and replenish our Light through ritual. Together we will work with the magic and energy of the moon. We will align ourselves with Divine Mother, open the portal to the Heart via meditation, set our intention for the evening and engage in sacred ritual. Join us! Come to learn, to heal, to share in community, and to seed your highest intentions. We promise a magical eve of Love & Light! Every participant will receive a sample of beautiful moon rituals to inspire their own. Pre-registration required. Contact: 603-275-7688.

Advanced Psychic/Intuitive Development Workshop – Level II
Sunday, August 27, 2017 12pm - 4:30pm Tuition $85
private office, Andover, Ma

Part two of the Intuitive Development series explores advanced concepts of energy and intuition. We will learn practices to help us cultivate deeper self-awareness, self-understanding and self-mastery, and compassion. These practices not only heal and balance us, but enhance our intuitive and healing abilities so that we may be of true service to others. We will discuss and work with Mother Earth energies, meet a spirit guide, discuss the meaning of symbols and archetypes in divination, learn advanced techniques of energy clearing; expand our knowledge of the aura; and work with various spiritual tools. Other topics include: the Angelic and Devic realms, Psychometry, and Channeling, and guidelines for healers. This course includes quite a bit of hands-on practice to reaffirm our learning. Wear comfortable clothing. Pre-requisite: Returning students - the completion of assignments from the Core class. New students - the completion of a beginner level intuitive development class and a basic understanding of the chakras. To Register

September 2017

Diana returns to NYC and Maine this month!

Join me in NYC Sept 6th - 10th. Offering private sessions: Mediumship, intuitive counseling, and energy healing/chakra balancing. The waiting list will be accommodated first. Session s limited. Please contact my office if you would like to book an appointment. Contact Diana


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