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Registration/Cancellation Policy

Pre-registration is required for events and workshops. Advance registration helps to ensure that the workshop that you want to attend does not get cancelled. Pre-registration sets an intention that affirms the group & the event.

Cancellation Policy: Out of consideration for the event planners, participants, and Diana's time - we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Please notify the event contact within 48 hours of the event if you must cancel your seat (s). You are responsible for all parties that sign up with your credit card registration. Advance notice allows us to accommodate others that may be wait-listed. If you do not cancel or do not show at the event, your credit card will be charged or the deposit forfeited. A full refund will be issued if a cancellation is received within the 48 hours or an event is cancelled by the event host or Diana. In the event of unexpected severe weather, we would appreciate at least a 4 hour advance notice of cancellation. Thanks for your consideration!

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May 2017
Diana returns to Maine and Vermont this month!

Intuitive Development & Mediumship Practice Series. (on-going closed group)

Saturday, May 6, 2017
Andover, Ma

Join me for a special Mother's Day Hello from Heaven Mediumship Gallery in Maine!
A Tribute to Mothers & The Women That Have Come Before Us - A Mediumshp Gallery
Thursday, May 11, 2017 6:30pm - 8:40pm Cost: $65
Leapin Lizards,
Freeport, Maine

Join nationally known psychic medium, Diana Harris, for a special evening of mediumship dedicated to Mothers and the women that have come before us! This gathering will be an extension of our regular evening of connecting with your loved ones, friends & pets that have "passed on". As always, everyone is ensured personal attention and receives a message. The gallery is similar to John Edwards "Crossing Over" but more intimate. Our evening will close with a dedication to celebrate their legacy of Love. Everyone in attendance will also be included in a special Mother’s Day gift drawing. Prize to be awarded at close of evening. Bring a friend and an open heart! These events build bridges of Love and are beautiful reminders that Love is Eternal. Event fills quickly so register early. Seating is limited to 10. Please contact 207-865-0900 or to inquire/register.

Join me for a special Mother's Day Hello from Heaven Mediumship Gallery in Andover!

A Tribute to Mothers & The Women That Have Come Before Us - A Mediumshp Gallery
Saturday, May 13, 2017 6:30pm - 8:40pm Cost: $65 (Full)
Andover, MA

Join Diana for a special evening of mediumship dedicated to Mothers and the women that have come before us - family and friends. Our evening will include a special blessing to honor and celebrate their legacy. This gathering will be an extension of our regular evening of connecting with your loved ones (male and female), friends & pets that have "passed on" in a small group setting - and we expect it will be even more powerful. As always, everyone is ensured personal attention and receives a message. Our evening will close with a dedication to celebrate their legacy of Love. Everyone in attendance will also be included in a special Mother’s Day gift drawing. Prize to be awarded at close of evening. Bring a friend and an open heart! This event will fill quickly. Pre-registration is required. To Register

Are You An Empath?
11 Steps to Well-Being for Sensitive Souls - Level I
Friday May 19, 2017 6:30pm - 9pm
Spirit Dancer, Burlington, VT

There is a Beauty and a Purpose to our Sensitivity. Once we understand and honor our gift – we create a heart-space for others to live a more Soul Filled life. ~ Diana

I used to describe being an empath as coming into the world without the protective layers everyone else has. It took years of trial, error, and some heart lessons to begin to see my own sensitivity as a gift. I teach this course from the University of my Experience guided by those Beings of Light that coached me through the sometimes challenging Path of the Heart.

An empath has a different lens of perception or way of knowing the world. They feel everything sometimes to the detriment of their well-being. Empath's are like psychic sponges because they sometimes take on the emotions of others and/or are impacted by the energies within an environment. This can be draining, overwhelming, and even frightening to the extent that the empath may want to shut down because they feel too much. That action rather than being a solution exacerbates the feeling of being different, sensitive, and misunderstood. This course provides a foundation and self-care practices to help those that are empathic to see the beauty in their gifts, to manage it, and to share it without the fear of losing the self in the process. Join us for a heart healing and empowering class. You will leave the class with a more grounded faith in yourself, your way of knowing the world, and in Life. To register: (802)-660-8060

June 2017

Ancestral Healing – Level I

Saturday, June 3, 2017 12:30pm – 5pm Cost: $85
Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Ma

Do you have gifts, challenges, or beliefs that are difficult to explain? Are there patterns that your family seems to carry forward from generation to generation?
The answer may lie in your family history.

What exactly is ancestral healing? It is a healing of your family tree. There are many spiritual traditions that teach us that our ancestors are alive within us and that their influence can have a profound effect on our lives for good or present us with obstacles to overcome. Our ancestor's beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, unresolved issues and even gifts are passed down energetically through our DNA. Understanding and working with this knowledge plays a pivotal role in our evolution. Our ancestors have been waiting for us to do this work not only to heal ourselves, future generations, but to help them evolve as well. If you feel drawn to this course - then chances are your ancestors are calling out to you to step into your power. They have wisdom to share. In this class, we will explore:

• The import of ancestral healing on our individual and collective consciousness
• The generational pain and messaging that each of us carry and how to heal it
• Your spiritual DNA and the information that it holds
• Ways to heal and transform emotional wounds, trauma, and karma for yourself and future generations
• How to free your Will and reclaim your personal power
• How to have a relationship with your ancestors. How to work them as allies on your spiritual path and more.

Lastly, Diana will lead a group ancestral healing ceremony. The ceremony is based upon several shamanic traditions and Hawaiian Huna principals. Join us for this powerful eye-opening class and group healing. Please bring a roll-up or blanket for our healing ceremony and a small family heirloom or picture of an ancestor to the class as a symbol of your family tree. Preregistration required. Contact (978) 474-8010 to register. Circles

Advanced Psychic/Intuitive Development Workshop – Level II
Sunday, June 11, 2017 12pm - 4:30pm Tuition $85
private office, Andover, Ma

Part two of the Intuitive Development series explores advanced concepts of energy and intuition. We will learn practices to help us cultivate deeper self-awareness, self-understanding and self-mastery, and compassion. These practices not only heal and balance us, but enhance our intuitive and healing abilities so that we may be of true service to others. We will discuss and work with Mother Earth energies, meet a spirit guide, discuss the meaning of symbols and archetypes in divination, learn advanced techniques of energy clearing; expand our knowledge of the aura; and work with various spiritual tools. Other topics include: the Angelic and Devic realms, Psychometry, and Channeling, and guidelines for healers. This course includes quite a bit of hands-on practice to reaffirm our learning. Wear comfortable clothing. Pre-requisite: Returning students - the completion of assignments from the Core class. New students - the completion of a beginner level intuitive development class and a basic understanding of the chakras. To Register

Intuitive Development & Mediumship Practice Series. (on-going closed group)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Andover, Ma

A Summer Solstice Celebration: An Evening of Spiritual Renewal & Light with Messages from Mother Earth & Father Sky
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 6:30pm – 8:45pm Cost: $35.00
The Healing Power of Flowers, Salem, NH

Join us to celebrate the Midsummer Solstice! Let us come together on this powerful day to honor God/Goddess, celebrate our Light, bless what has come before, and to establish intentions for the time to come. Today, humanity stands at a crossroads - perhaps the most crucial in our earth history. All of us are being challenged to grow beyond our history and the limits of our core beliefs. Universe desires that we wake-up to the healing that is available to us. We are in the midst of a great transformation that is preparing us for a new & better world. To support this evolution of consciousness, we are reminded that our connection to Mother Earth is one of our deepest sources of hope, renewal, and strength. Tonight we will celebrate and reaffirm that connection. Diana will deliver a channeled message from Mother Earth & Father Sky. She will lead the group in a ritual and meditation to root us to Mother Earth and our spiritual nature. We look forward to an inspired evening of love, renewal, and healing by the light of the Midsummer Solstice! Refreshments will be served. Seating limited. Please register early to ensure a seat. Call: (603) 275-7688 to register.

Heal Your Chakras – Empower You Life!
Saturday, June 24, 2017 12pm – 3:30pm Tuition: $65
The Healing Power of Flowers, Salem, NH

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Do you feel challenged in particular areas of your life? Are you seeking greater personal fulfillment? Or, are you feeling tired without really understanding why? If you answered yes to any of these questions or simply have the desire to better understand yourself and thrive – this class is for you!

Our chakras are wheels of Light - focal points of our Life Force Energy - that are part of our subtle energy anatomy. They influence how we move through the world. Our chakras are repositories of soul data and life progression information. They act as a mirror to the outer and inner circumstances of our lives to teach us about ourselves. The purpose of this course is to translate the language of your chakras into a workable tool for self-understanding and health. The practices you will work with and learn will help you to make sense of your life experiences and lessons, enhance your well-being, and provide you keys to higher manifestation and joy. You will learn to recognize when a chakra is out of balance, understand the source, and to make conscious and healthy shifts. As we clear imbalances and fear/anger residue – our spiritual authority awakens. Many people state that their intuitive connections have deepened since implementing some of the practices taught. Others report feeling less calmer and more self-assured. The benefits are numerous. Class bonus: Each participant will receive a mini-chakra analysis from Diana and enjoy a Healing Chakra. The journey will help us to release residual spiritual gunk and align our chakras to Light. Join us and Empower your Life! You deserve a life of more Presence & Joy. Pre-registration is required as student materials need to be prepared. To register, contact (603) 275-7688.

Hello From Heaven: A Small Mediumship Gallery
Sunday, June 25, 2017 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Andover, Ma

Join Diana Harris for an evening of connecting to your loved ones, friends, and pets that have passed on in a small group setting. Everyone is ensured personal attention and receives a message. To register:

July 2017

Intuitive Development & Mediumship Practice Series. (on-going closed group)
Saturday, July 8, 2017

Andover, Ma

Join me at:
ZuZu's Summertime Expo
Sunday, July 16 at 10 AM - 5 PM Admission is $5 cash only
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Danvers, Ma

Beat the summer heat and renew your Spirit at this fantastic event. It offers something for everyone! Wonderful vendors, psychic readings, aura photography, energy healers and FREE seminars!

My free seminar:
What the Bleep??!! Down the Rabbit Hole – Now what? Time: TBD
To say there has been a lot rising to the surface over the last months would be an understatement. We’ve been riding the wave of multiple energetic shifts. Transits such as these bring much to our attention. It has felt like a deep dive or a swim through mud for many of us. This seminar offers a Higher Perspective on current events and some wonderful GPS to help us successfully navigate these periods of uncertainty with wisdom, grace, and awareness. And, hopefully with a wee bit of humor! Join us.

Thanks for stopping by! Please check back often to see what new events are being offered. May we also invite you to receive Diana's monthly newsletter? Yes, Sign me up We respect your privacy. We will never rent, share or sell your personal information. You may safely unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.



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