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Program Catalog - Events & Workshops

Diana facilitates events and workshops throughout the United States. A catalog of some of her recent event and workshop offerings is listed below. In addition to those venues, Diana is regularly invited to be a guest speaker/presenter at holistic expos. She is often featured in the media and hosts various events for metaphysical stores, spas, or holistic centers. Ms. Harris is open to working with retailers, healing centers, or other hosting organizations to create custom events that are appropriate for your venue. Event fees and workshop tuition's vary. All engagements will be promoted on Sacred Spiral Dance's web site and in the newsletter. If you would like to host a workshop or event, please inquire at

Events Calendar

Program Guide by Event Type: Events, Short Seminars, Workshops


Hello from Heaven - A Mediumship Gallery
(small group)

Join Diana for an evening of connecting to your loved ones, friends, and pets that have passed on in a small group setting.  The gathering is designed to be small, so that everyone is ensured personal attention and receives a message. Group readings are excellent forums for opening up to the process of mediumship and learning about life after life. They also offer an environment that is gentle, safe, and supportive. Quite often, those that attend sessions find that they share a common bond with others in the group.  Sometimes, new friendships are formed or a message directed to another participant is exactly what you need to hear in order to facilitate your healing. Nothing is by chance! The format is similar to John Edwards “Crossing Over gallery concept, but on a smaller scale. Seating is limited.

The Reunion - An Evening of Communing With the Other Side
(large group mediumship demonstration)

Join nationally known psychic medium/spiritual counselor, Diana Harris, for a fascinating journey into the world of mediumship and communing with Heaven. Similar to John Edwards’ “Crossing Over” gallery concept. The event will serve as a forum for opening up to the process of mediumship while offering evidence of 'life after life' and the eternal quality of the human spirit.

Diana will answer your questions about the "Other Side" and demonstrate mediumship by delivering messages to the audience. This is an excellent forum for opening up to the process of mediumship and learning about “Life after Life”. Diana has her own unique delivery style – gentle, direct, engaging, and always compassionate. This will be a date of connections and reconnections to loved ones, healing, and celebration. Quite often, those who attend these events find that they share a common bond with others in the room and that the messages of love, hope, and laughter were for them, as well! Although a personal message for each attendee is not guaranteed, Diana has found that Spirit is very generous. Our loved ones on the Other Side demonstrate over and over that we are not so different from each other after all. We hope that you join us for a evening of Light, Love, and Healing. Past attendees to this event report feeling connected and more at peace knowing that Love never dies.

It's Back!! Messages from the Masters - A Channeling Event

Message from the Masters: “The whole world is being initiated - It is time to Become Who You Divinely Are.” Join us for an evening of sharing with the Masters. The Masters are the Way Showers and Wisdom Keepers. They are our helpers - our guides on the Earth Walk. Their message is simple: The Heart is the portal to Heaven. They say - Each of us, at this moment in history, chose to be here to contribute to the unfolding of the Universal Heart.

This event will begin with a group message from the Masters that is deemed timely and applicable for the the cycle of growth that we are in. No evening is ever like the previous one! The Masters thoroughly enjoy answering your questions and respond with gentleness, humor, and love. They call it a Light Perspective so don’t be shy. Sometimes Diana is called to facilitate a group healing or a guided meditation in the session. These always seem to be just what is needed to ground the vibration of the messages shared. Nothing is by chance! The evenings are unique celebrations of Life & Enlightenment. Bring and open heart and prepare to be Lifted!

Angel Connections: An Eve of Channeled Messages from Your Angels & Guides
(small group reading or a larger group demonstration)

Join Diana for an evening of connecting to your “Angel & Guide Team”. Diana will share channeled messages from your Angel and Guide Team that support your spiritual journey. Prepare to be surprised at what comes through! Sometimes the messages are about events taking place in your life or messages of Hope and support for your loved ones. There is no limitation in Heaven. Each participant will receive messages from their team. This event is not a class but a “direct experience with your angels & guides”. It offers not only personal guidance but is also an an invitation to a deeper relationship with Heaven. These gatherings are joy filled evenings of messages, awakenings, healing, and shared experiences. It is always amazing to watch Divine Synchronicity at play and to note that the messages directed at an individual also benefit others in the group. Join us & bring a friend to share the experience with!

At the smaller gathering - everyone receives a personal reading. Diana will try to accommodate as many readings at a larger gathering as she can. Everyone is not guaranteed a reading. Pricing is contingent upon whether the event is in the small or large group format.

What people are saying: "The Angel Connection Group was a wonderful introduction into Spirit for me. I have always wondered what a reading would be like or if we were guided by Beings in Heaven. Diana created a safe haven for me to explore this possibility. Her message from my Angels and Guides was "spot on". It nearly knocked me out of my chair. Thank you Diana!" ~ Rachel, MA

A Few Short Seminars

Animal Speake 101 - Introduction to Animal Totems/Power Animals

What is an animal totem or power animal? Does everyone have them? What are they? Do animals communicate with us? Join us and get these questions and more answered. We will explore the world of animal totems, learn how they communicate to us, and even get to know some of our animal allies more intimately!

This foundational seminar is an introduction to Diana's Animal Wisdom workshop series. It offers participants the opportunity to explore the basics of learning to connect with their “Animal Guides”. We will also communicate with some of our animal brother and sisters in this seminar. They are not shy about coming forth! Their wisdom is for all of us. Working with your Animal Totems will allow you to know yourself better, understand life, walk in balance, and align with Spirit. Many wise and generous furry, winged, finned, scaled, or otherwise helpers support our Journey.In this event: we will connect with one or more of our animal guides, receive their messages, and learn how to continue to work with their physical and spiritual energies. When we realize that teachings and assistance can come from other than human sources, we open to a world of infinite potential and possibility and discover our true natures. There will be plenty of time for Q &A. Join us and share in the wisdom of animal voices!

Unlock The Power of Your Intuition

Sit with the Possibility that you are much More than you realize. How does it feel? ~ Diana

Each of us is intuitive. In this workshop, you will learn to unlock your Inner Wise One so that you may step into your Soul Potential. Intuition is our internal GPS. In this course you will learn how Heaven speaks to you; how to fine-tune the intuitive sense that you were born with; how to be a clear receiver and overcome blocks; and how to deepen your relationship with your Angels/Guides. We will work with various tools that will allow us to stretch our intuitive muscles and unlock our potential. These practices will help you to trust yourself, expand your awareness, and clarify your energy so that you are better receiver and interpreter of the messages that Heaven is sending you.
This class is enlightening, fun, and highly interactive! You will leave it more empowered and with some wonderful spiritual tools that will support your highest potential. The workshop is open to all seekers on the Path. Unique to other class formats, Diana intuitively tailors the curriculum to the needs of the students. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student – there will be something to learn and enjoy. Join us!

Demystifying the Goddess

More and more of us are searching for an inclusive spirituality that brings both the Sacred Mother and Sacred Father to the table. We know that something is missing in our lives. One of the most important missing pieces of our lives has been the presence of the Sacred Divine Feminine. This is not instead of, but in addition to Divine Father God. It is time to embrace both our feminine and masculine natures. It is inherent in all of us. When we do, we can begin to have true balance in our lives. We can begin to heal the sense of separation that we feel. The Goddess is re-emerging. She says when we follow the call of our Souls - we access our true Wisdom. We will then forgive, become more tolerant, appreciate everyone's individual evolution, and love without condition. This is the key to global transformation and the healing of our planet. All that is Divine is both Feminine and Masculine. You cannot have one without the other!

Angel Speake - An Angel Communication Primer

Join Diana Harris on an odyssey into the world of Angels and an evening of making contact with them! This foundational workshop is an introduction to Angel Communication 101. Your spiritual support team is waiting for you to invite them more fully into your life! This gathering is a platform for "remembering that we do not have to do it alone nor are we alone" and offers the opportunity to reconnect to the wisdom and love that is available to all of us. Participants will learn useful practices that will help them to open up to their own higher wisdom, sense messages from their guardian angels more clearly, and work with their spiritual support team to clear blocks and open to receive. Diana will also guide the group through a healing meditation to facilitate the “soul work” that will be accomplished. This will be an evening of awakenings, healing's, and shared experiences. Join us! Bring your questions and an open Heart.


Flower Power: Introduction to Healing with Flower Essences

From ancient Egypt to the mountains of Tibet, flowers have been used therapeutically. The ancients believed that the essence of the flower held healing energy and their fragrance could help humanity transcend itself. Flower essences are a gentle and safe vibrational healing remedy that works directly with the mind, emotions, and spirit to stimulate healing on multiple levels.

In this introductory course you will learn:

• The energetics of various flowers and their influence on the various chakras
• How flower essences may be combined with other modalities
• The best flower essences to support empaths or those that are sensitive
• The best flower essences to support our spiritual journey ( navigating change, opening the heart, letting go etc…)
• How flower essences can help us to heal old wounds, clear blockages, ground, balance, get a better night’s sleep, and more
• Proper dosing, useful applications for children and animals, and other usage details

Diana will have some flower essences on hand at the class. Join us and learn the wisdom of flowers and how we can work with them to positively influence our lives.

NEW!! Healing the Mother Wound -Rebirthing Our Feminine Wisdom

What is the Mother Wound? It is the pain that all women carry that have been raised in a system of male primacy - a patriarchal culture. Each of us carry that pain memory but within it is a gift – the seed of rebirth, new beginnings, and the power of the Divine Feminine.

Like our ancestors, we continue to live in a system designed to stifle our self-realization and Feminine Wisdom. The cycle of generational indoctrination began in childhood. Each of us learned to consciously or unconsciously treat ourselves the way our mothers and female relations treated themselves. These rules, whether balanced or imbalanced, became the template for how we, as women, navigated the world. The rules defined our sense of self. Although some progress has been made socially, the energetic of this collective wound to the Feminine still holds much influence over how women interact with the world and how we view ourselves. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate our self-understanding so that each of us may embody the grace of the Divine Feminine. We will discuss and work with practices that will help us:

• identify and heal inherited patterns of limiting beliefs
• transform and forgive our relationships with ourselves, our mothers, and our collective sisterhood
• effectively process the emotions that arise as we release old conditioning
• move more fully toward self-acceptance and love so that we may walk through the portal to reclaim our Feminine Wisdom

Join us! Together, we will create sacred space so that we may release the old stories and inner blocks that keep us from embracing and standing in our Light and deepest wisdom. We will close with a blessing from Divine Mother so that we may step into our Divine Birthright!

Ancestral Healing Level 1 - IV (each level explores to deeper degrees the healing path)

Have you ever wondered why you continue to repeat the same patterns in spite of your efforts to change? Are their burdens that your family seems to carry forward from generation to generation? Do you have gifts or fears that don’t make sense? The answer may lie in your family history.

What exactly is ancestral healing? It is a healing of your family tree. There are many spiritual traditions that teach us that our ancestors are alive within us and that their influence can have a profound effect on our lives for good or present us with obstacles to overcome. Our ancestor's beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, unresolved issues and even gifts are passed down energetically through our DNA. Understanding and working with this knowledge plays a pivotal role in our evolution. Our ancestors have been waiting for us to do this work not only to heal them, but to heal ourselves, and future generations. If you feel drawn to this course - then chances are your ancestors are calling out to you to step into your power. They have wisdom to share. In this class, we will explore:

• The import of ancestral healing on our individual and collective consciousness
• The generational pain and messaging that each of us carry and how to heal it
• Your spiritual DNA and the information that it holds
• Ways to heal and transform wounds and karma for yourself and future generations
• How to free your Will and reclaim your personal power
• How to have a relationship with your ancestors. How to work them as allies on your spiritual path and more

Lastly, Diana will lead a group ancestral healing ceremony. The ceremony is based upon several shamanic traditions and Hawaiian Huna principals. Join us for this powerful and eye-opening class and group healing. Please bring a roll-up or blanket for our healing ceremony and a small family heirloom or picture of an ancestor to the class as a symbol of your family tree.

Heal Your Chakras – Empower Your Life!

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Do you feel challenged in particular areas of your life? Are you looking for more fulfillment? Or, are you feeling tired without really understanding why? If you answered yes to any of these questions or simply have the desire to better understand yourself and thrive – this class is for you!

Our chakras are wheels of Light - focal points of our Life Force Energy - that are part of our subtle energy anatomy. They influence how we move through the world. Our chakras are repositories of soul data and life progression information. They act as a mirror to the outer and inner circumstances of our lives to teach us about ourselves. The purpose of this course is to translate the language of your chakras into a workable tool for self-understanding and health. The practices you will work with and learn will help you to make sense of your life experiences and lessons, enhance your well-being, and provide you keys to higher manifestation and joy. You will learn to recognize when a chakra is out of balance, understand the source, and to make conscious and healthy shifts. As we clear imbalances and fear/anger residue – our spiritual authority awakens. Many people state that their intuitive connections have deepened since implementing some of the practices taught. Others report feeling less reactive, calmer, and more self-assured. The benefits are numerous. As added class bonus: Each participant will receive a mini-chakra reading from Diana and enjoy a Healing Chakra Journey. The journey will help us to release residual spiritual debris and align our chakras to Light. Join us and Empower your Life! You deserve a life of more Presence & Joy.

Living Victoriously: From Striving to Coming Alive
An Experiential Class on Healing Limiting Beliefs/Poverty Consciousness

You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created to be Victorious. ~ Joel Osteen

Are you yearning for more meaning, joy, purpose, and satisfaction in your life? Do you feel like your abundance or your dreams are blocked? You are not alone! Our society has been built upon a scarcity mentality: a mentality that tells people that there is lack in life, that we need to struggle, and that we are not enough. This is a lie. If you would like to make positive long lasting changes in your life – then please join us for a day of learning, healing, and powerful re-creation. We will learn:

• How to identify and clear old belief systems that have sabotaged our bringing forward the best in ourselves
• How to release imbalanced patterns of influence that we have inherited from our family, our culture, life experiences, and those that are embedded in our DNA
• How to shape-shift our reality and live in flow
• Practices that can easily be implemented into our daily lives to align us with Joy and Abundance

This is more than a class; it is a consciousness raising and a healing! After the learning, we will do a series of gentle clearings focusing on old programs & triggers and journey through our chakras to heal any imbalances/wounding. A soothing meditation will complete our group work. Group healings magnify Light. As we work on ourselves – we also help to shift the vibration of the planet. Join us for a powerful day of learning, healing, and awakening to our potential and Truth!

20 Steps to Being a Spiritual Warrior: Walking the Path of Heart

Each of us has the inherent potential to be a Spiritual Warrior. By walking the Path of Heart – we reclaim our power and contribute to making the world a better place. ~ Diana

Is your Soul yearning for something more? Are you beginning to see or sense the world in a different way than you have before? Are you ready to grow beyond what has been? If so, then this is the class for you! I am so excited to present Spiritual Warrior as it is both a class and an odyssey of awakening to the immensity of ourselves. It is timely that these materials be presented now.Spiritual Warrior is an odyssey of awakening to the immensity of ourselves. Its message is timely! 2018 is a deeply personal year for all of us. It is a year of culmination of lessons learned, renewal, and a time of reclaiming our power and taking action on our Good!

We will explore: various pathways to open the Heart, practices to overcome our fears; and learn how to move into states of clarity and vision. We will also learn the value of Presence and how to identify/heal our responses to the common pitfalls that keep us from walking our Truth. These are the foundation from which the Spiritual Warrior is born. In the latter part of the class, we will review the tenets of the Spiritual Warrior and do some spiritual journey work to reclaim a lost/forgotten gift that serves our Divine Purpose. Afterwards, we will honor that gift in a Spirit Reclaiming Ceremony as each of us step into our Light and Purpose. Join us for an exhilarating day and reconnect to the Heart of the Spiritual Warrior within. Bring a blanket or rollup to class. Wear comfortable clothing as we will do some gentle movements to activate our Light.

The Power of Ritual: Reclaiming Our Magic & Feminine Wisdom

When sacred ritual is absent in our lives, we fall out of alignment with Mother Earth and Life. We feel out of balance, lost, unable to manifest, and disconnected from our Feminine Wisdom. Rituals root us to Mother Earth and creates a bridge to Heaven. ~ Diana

Once upon a time, we lived in loving intimacy with Mother Earth. Women were considered the sacred vessels of her Wisdom and were the record keepers. Mother Earth taught us the power of cycles. We created ceremonies to celebrate these sacred turnings and our own rituals to support healing, growth, change, and to honor our rites of passage.

We will learn how to: align our energy to support our intentions; prepare ourselves for ritual; set sacred space; understand and integrate the power of the elements into our rituals; work with the phases of the moon and other cycles; how to use candles, sacred geometry, colors, & essential oils to support our intentions; and how to create & integrate minute rituals into our daily lives. We will discuss the power of Intention and Word in manifestation. The class includes plenty of practice time so that everyone is comfortable with the ritual process. We will cover rituals that support healing, rites of passage, send Light to others, manifestation and more. The goal of this class is to help you to reclaim & reconnect to your Feminine Wisdom & Magic. It seeks to rekindle your passion, and empower and inspire you to create your own ceremonies to facilitate your self-realization. The class will include a candle ritual starter kit for everyone and detailed guidance for creating or expanding your own sacred ritual practice. The class is appropriate for all levels. Join us for a day of Light, Laughter, & Learning!

The Power of Ritual II: Sacred Circle & Moon Wisdom Gathering

Whenever women gather in Circle, we return Home to the Feminine, reclaim our legacy, and participate in the Sacred Dance of the Universe. ~ Diana

Sitting in circle with other women creates a space where we can return Home to our Truth without judgment or labels. Within it, we allow the Goddess to speak and to nourish us. We rediscover our softness and our strength. This installment of The Power of Ritual is unique as it is a class, a Circle, and a ritual practice.

We will briefly discuss how to create effective moon rituals and integrate them into our Goddess practice; discuss the elements and their influence on the moon phases; and learn which cycles heighten our intuitive abilities and/or support other endeavors. More importantly - we will gather in sacred circle to support each other, honor our Feminine Wisdom, and heal and replenish our Light through ritual.

Together we will work with the magic and energy of the moon. We will align ourselves with Divine Mother, open the portal to the Heart via meditation, set our intention for the evening and engage in sacred ritual. Join us! Come to learn, to heal, to share in community, and to seed your highest intentions. We promise a magical day of Love & Light! Every participant will receive a gift deemed appropriate for the cycle that we are in and a sample of beautiful moon rituals to inspire their own.

Note: This class will generally be held near or on a new moon or full moon but can be held at other times, therefore it is customized to align with the time. it can even be formatted as a series. The new and full moons both offer gifts that if we work with them with reverence, they can empower us for our journey, clarify our energy, facilitate our soul healing, and help us to manifest the Best in ourselves.

Are You an Empath? - Spiritual Self-Care & Energy Management for Sensitive Souls

I used to describe being an empath as coming into the world without the protective layers everyone else has. It took years of trial, error, and some heart lessons to begin to see my own sensitivity as a gift. I teach this course from the University of my Experience guided by those Beings of Light that coached me through the sometimes challenging Path of the Heart. I offer it with Love because I know that shutting down is not the medicine that an empath needs or the world requires right now!

An empath has a different lens of perception or way of knowing the world. They feel everything sometimes to the detriment of their well-being. Empath's are like psychic sponges because they sometimes take on the emotions of others and/or are impacted by the energies within an environment. This can be draining and overwhelming to the extent that the empath may want to shut down because they feel too much. That action rather than being a solution exacerbates the feeling of being different, sensitive, and misunderstood. This course provides the tools and the support to help those that are sensitive to see the beauty in their gifts; to honor the wisdom of being an empath; to manage it with healthy self-care; and to share it without the fear of losing their selves in the process. You will also walk away with a more grounded faith in yourself, in Life, and your way of knowing. And, you will take with you - the knowledge, tools, and self-care practices that support your spiritual unfoldment.

Are You an Empath? - Part II: Advanced Spiritual Self-Care & Energy Management for Sensitive Souls

This class expands upon the principles discussed in the first class. We will further explore the many ways we experience the subtle energy & emotional energies in our environment and how to work with them so that we may be at our best. Topics to be explored: emotional attachment, discernment, healthy boundaries and relationships, healing tools from Mother Earth that facilitate our journey. We will work with and establish a set of hygienic energy practices to further assist us in becoming consciously empathic. These practices when applied to our daily living will allow us to deepen our spiritual practice, increase our awareness, teach us greater objectivity and truer compassion, and help us develop the skills for more effective relationships. Most spiritual traditions teach us the import of remaining connected to Source and to Be in the Present Moment. We will dive deeper into what that means and learn ways to contribute to our greater well-being and the well-being of all of Life.

This course provides advanced tools and the support to help those that are empathic to see the beauty in their gifts, to honor the wisdom of empathy, to manage it with healthy self-care, and to share it without the fear of losing the self in the process. Join us for another day of joyful learning, healing, practice, and empowerment. You will leave the class with a more grounded faith in yourself, your way of knowing the world, and in Life. And, you will take with you - the knowledge, tools, and self-care practices that support your spiritual unfoldment.

NEW!! Heaven Scent: Introduction to Plant Spirit Medicine & The Wisdom of Flowers
(Working with Essential Oils and Flower Essences to Build the Spiritual Body)

Did you know that some flowers/fragrances help to connect us to the angelic realm and fairy kingdom? And, others are protective, calming, nourishing? Did you ever notice that some fragrances can transport us to higher levels of consciousness or bring back memories? This course is an introduction to the spiritual healing properties and the wisdom of flowers. Plants have long been revered as Carriers of Light. They are the interface between Heaven and Earth. Every wisdom tradition honored plant’s ability to heal the body, heal the spirit, and sooth the mind. In this class we will explore the vibrational healing qualities of essential oils and flower essences.

Pure plant essential oils are captured Light and carry the vibration of the plant they came from. They resonate in the human energy field causing effects in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. We will explore the spiritual properties of certain essential oils; learn how to work with their power to enrich the spiritual journey; and more. Diana will provide each student with basic blend recipes for creating sacred space; empowering your prayers,rituals, & intentions; clarifying your energy field; calming the mind; lifting the spirits; and more. This class is not a hands-on blending class. Rather, it serves to introduce the student to the power and the spirit of flowers and plants. We will directly experience blendsthat Diana will bring to the class. The essence of the flowers will speak to you energetically. Some may only come to say hello and others may share with you how they can facilitate your life journey. Prepare to be amazed and to feel subtle shifts as you engage with them. Their Light will dance with your Soul!

The next portion of the class will cover flower essences. Flower essences are made from the blooms of specific flowering plants. Flower essences act upon the etheric and emotional body. Their action is gentle as they support our navigating emotional and spiritual challenges. We will review the spiritual properties of a variety of flower essences that address a myriad of imbalances or blockages; discuss how the essences work within our energy field, and how we can best benefit from working with them. Join us for a wonderful day of learning, light, & healing with the Power of Flowers! You will leave the class more connected to Mother Earth and your own Nature.

The Pursuit of Happiness - Keys to Well-Being & Flourishing in the Now!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Life came with an instruction book on how to live a happy and fulfilled life? This course offers a gentle path to Happiness and the tools to help us to thrive. Join us for an uplifting evening as we explore some beautiful practices that help us to not just cope with life - but Flourish! Happiness is always available to us. Imagine that Happiness as a secret garden within each of us. It requires our care and attention to bloom. The garden’s potential is only limited by our not attending to the seeds, the weeds, and the flowers.

In our time together, participants will learn how to identify and move past inner blocks to joy so that they can effect positive change in their lives and much more! To help us cultivate our Garden of Happiness, we will practice the AAA's: The Art of Reframing, The Art of Release, and The Art of Navigating the Potholes of Life and more:

• The Bug Zapper: Exercises to clear out those pesky negative thoughts so you can thrive
• Simple Mindfulness Practices for Daily Living
• The Smile Meditation. You will almost levitate when you do it! Your mind, your physical organs, and spiritual energy centers will love it!
• Gardening Tips for the Soul to Maximize Your Joy and help you to Bloom

This seminar will be a joy-filled adventure of self-discovery, healing, and self-mastery. You will walk away with the tools to create your Garden of Happiness and with a greater sense of well-being, purpose, & joy!

Psychic/Intuitive Development Workshop - Core class

My goal is to help people to reconnect to their own Inner Guidance and empower them on the journey to their own answers!

This experiential workshop offers both guidance and practical tools for fulfilling our spiritual potential. Join us and learn to develop your natural intuitive senses. We will explore practices that will help to clarify and balance your energy field, and facilitate deeper self - understanding and insight. This course offers students a platform for building a safe foundation for further spiritual growth. We will first familiarize ourselves with all of the psychic senses. Then, we will learn core processes for cultivating intuitive awareness; learn about the energy body and the chakras and their purpose; discover what it means to give away energy, and learn how to detect energy losses and heal them. The basics of psychic self-defense and how to create sacred space within yourself and your environment will be explored. Basic divination tools will be explained and learned to work with safely.
This class is enlightening, fun, and highly interactive. We will learn through practical application and exercises highlighting the principals discussed. Various exercises include: energy sensing, grounding, meditation basics, and intuitive development exercises. You will leave this class empowered with the spiritual tools and resources that will support your highest potential. The workshop is open to all seekers on the Path although some form of meditation practice and basic understanding of spirit would enhance the learning experience.

Advanced Psychic/Intuitive Development Workshop – Level II

Part two of the Intuitive Development series explores advanced concepts of energy and intuition. We will learn practices to help us cultivate deeper self-awareness, self-understanding and self-mastery, and compassion. These practices not only heal and balance us, but enhance our intuitive and healing abilities so that we may be of true service to others. We will discuss and work with Mother Earth energies, meet a spirit guide, discuss the meaning of symbols and archetypes in divination, learn advanced techniques of energy clearing; expand our knowledge of the aura; and work with various spiritual tools. Other topics include: the Angelic and Devic realms, Psychometry, and Channeling, and guidelines for healers. This course includes quite a bit of hands-on practice to reaffirm our learning. Wear comfortable clothing. Pre-requisite: Returning students - the completion of assignments from the Core class. New students - the completion of a beginner level intuitive development class and a basic understanding of the chakras.

NEW!! Rise and Shine - Awakening Your Heart Center

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ~
Marianne Williamson

In this class, we will learn to reconnect the silent place of knowing in our Hearts. The course format is unique as it utilizes spiritual teachings; channeled meditation; healing with Angels; journaling, and sound to awaken a deeper heart awareness. Each of these tools will help us to access the Divine within so that we can live in awakened awareness. In the class, students will come to understand the places that they have held back because of fear of being hurt. The practices will also help us to reconnect to our heart’s desires and reactivate our Inner Light.

ise and Shine provides a healing space so that we can learn to trust ourselves enough to receive, for knowing ourselves to be worthy of Goodness, and for touching Grace so that we can return there again and again – on our own. The first teaching is compassion for the self. This is a challenge for most people because we see ourselves through other people’s judgment rather than the eyes of the Beloved. We will work with a process to clear the vision and heal the heart. We will then learn practices that help us to remain open and strong in more challenging situations – such as when we feel anger or are challenged by difficult situations or people. Our time together will calm the mind, lift the spirit, and open the Heart to our Divine Possibility. The goal of this class is to provide a platform for our continued Awakening and for each of us to know the peace of being at home in our Hearts. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Re-Visioning Your Life: The Power of the Inner Journey

This workshop is an invitation to participate in a spiritual renaissance and living more authentically. It offers both guidance on and useful practices that help us to move from a fear stance into a Loving stance. With this as a foundation, we are more empowered to bring forth our true Potential, heal ourselves, and the world that we live in. Many of us are so afraid to look at ourselves for fear of what we may find. Many times, our treasures are found in the area where we fear to tread. This class is in itself a healing, as it allows a safe haven for us to journey into ourselves and come out with a bit of gold. It provides the environment and and tools to help participants to bear witness to themselves and love the parts that they would rather tuck away. All this is done with play and a bit of humor. When we are able to witness our emotions, our small selves, and our stuff - it becomes easier to change how we interact with the world. More importantly. this process helps to free our energy so that we may Dream a new Dream to Life - without the weight of limiting beliefs.

This transformational workshop includes journaling, release work,and other spiritual processes to help participants move beyond fear, doubt, and old wounds. Each will leave this class Renewed - armed with a sense of purpose, passion, and the tools to Revision their life!

Healing the Healer: Spiritual Body-Building & Advanced Self-Care for Healers

This workshop intensive is beneficial for traditional & holistic healing practitioners of all levels. The subject matter was encouraged by wellness professionals that wanted to better serve their clients & maintain their own energy integrity. It was developed from both practical experience & the wisdom teachings of several traditions.

The nature of a healers work is to “reach out” to others. Within that gift is a call to engage in active self-care and energy maintenance. Many of us suffer from "drain out" - the depletion of our personal energy by the absorption of environmental stressors, including other peoples energy. This course offers a new paradigm for understanding the dynamics of the energy field and it relationship with our lives. Our physical bodies exist within a larger 'body' - the human energy field which is the vehicle through which we create our reality, including health and imbalances. It is through this energy field that we have the power to understand ourselves and to facilitate healing. We will explore the systems that make up the energy body and the science of various energetic healing practices to help us understand the body as a multi-dimensional energy system. We will:

• Gain a deeper understanding of how the human energy matrix looks & functions (meridians, chakras, etc..)
• Learn to perceive the energy field; how to detect/identify the source of energy leaks, blockages, & damage.
• Gain insight into how consciousness expresses itself in the energy field
• Learn practical guidelines through hands on energy healing demonstration
• Develop guidelines for healing the self and working with others
• Practices to build your personal power and advanced space clearing techniques
• The effects of illness on the chakras & the energy field
• Understanding energy exchange. What it means to give away energy. How to detect energy losses and recover.
• Spiritual body-building: Practices to purify (emotional. spiritual, & mental toxins) and recharge your personal energy
• Healthy boundaries specifically for healers

This class is highly interactive. You will leave the class empowered with tools to do your work and live more effectively. Wear comfortable clothing. Pre-registration is required to ensure that there are course materials for each participant. Class size is limited.

What people are saying about the class:
"...this class is a Must for all traditional & holistic medicine practitioners I wish that I had attended it sooner! Diana is Energy Wise! She generously shared her wisdom & gave us the tools to create a healthy platform of quality self-care & client care." ~ James Carol, NJ

How to Throw Yourself a Proper Pity Party and Then Get On With Life

A users guide to throwing a Pity Party, and for successfully easing off the Couch and reclaiming one’s Life. This class is NOT formal grief counseling nor does it appropriately address major traumas but it does address a myriad of life experiences that I will simply call passages or transitions. My goal is to assist you in processing those events that don’t exactly cause our eyes to light up with delight. In this class, I endorse the concept of a pity party with a includes a recovery process which I will call the morning after – or After Party. If you’re going to party do it right!

This class will be fun, informal, empowering, and thought-provoking.! Bring a friend, an issue (yes, an issue), and an open mind. I’ll bring the handouts, the tissues (just kidding), and the chocolate. Per the Urban Dictionary: “Pity Parties require the proper outfit, which is usually pajamas cause you don’t get all dressed up during those feeling-sorry-for-myself moments. Also you should have no make-up on… (optional) :) It also involves tissues, comfort food such as ice cream; chocolate; potato chips; cookies; or cake etc. Low fat food is banned!” Oh dear! In keeping with that tradition, our last class requirement is comfort clothing to match the comfort food and the mood. Let’s get this party started! Join us for a day of Joyful release and learning! This class will be fun, informal, empowering, and thought-provoking. Bring a friend. I’ll bring the handouts, the tissues (just kidding), and chocolate.

Animal Wisdom: Working With our Animal Totems and Allies Intuitive Development Series (2-3 workshops)

If you talk to the animals they will talk with you & you will know each other. If you do not talk to them you will not know them, & what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys. ~Chief Dan George

This course will be a magical quest into the mystery teachings of the animal kingdom and how they relate to our personal & collective growth. We will explore the rich landscape of animal teachings from many cultures and the various animal realms, including the mythical. Animals represent the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the footsteps of humanity. Each animal reflects certain potentials, abilities, & characteristics that facilitate our Soul's evolution.

Students will learn to open to their innate intuition, understand Nature’s language, work with Mother Earth’s rhythms, and create conscious relationships with their power animals/animal totems. Our power animals serve as mirrors to us & act as powerful allies toward Self transformation. Grounding techniques, power animal meditations, shamanic journeying, dream work, and animal communication techniques will also be explored as part of the intuitive un-foldment process. Our animal guides are here to help us to return to our “true natures” and to heal the disassociation between humanity, Mother Earth, and our own Divinity. We will work with an animal oracle deck (The Animal Medicine Cards) to facilitate the journey of self-discovery. This divination tool is an excellent system for opening to our intuition. The Animal Medicine Cards is a mandatory tool for the class. They may be purchased separately or from Diana at a discount, (if available). All other course materials will be provided.

This course is open to anyone seeking to know themselves more fully and improve their connection to all of Life. Join us and share in the wisdom of animal voices. Their wisdom is powerful and their love is unconditional! This class will be enlightening, fun, and interactive. Class requirements: Notebook, pen, eye mask, and blanket for the journey work. Pre-registration required.

Awakening the Wise One Within Thru Inspirational Writing

Join us! Get inspired and get “Write” with yourself! In this exploratory seminar participants will learn how to reconnect to their Inner Muse - the wise one within. All of us have one! Inspirational writing is a form of free flow meditation. Diana calls it floetry to describe the feeling of moving past the ego-self to express the joy, wisdom, and creativity of the Higher Self. Free flow writing helps us to heal, dismantle old patterns/beliefs, work through barriers that block our creativity. It teaches us to trust ourselves and helps us to re-discover our soul’s promise. It can be used both as a simple methodology to understand the Self and as a way to reactivate your Creative Potential so that you can actualize your dreams. Diana will lead seminar participants through various exercises to connect them to their own inner muse. This process can be very healing. It helps us to release our inner critic, to rediscover our hidden potential, and just may help to uncover your inner artist!

What's in a Name? - Exploring Your Divine Blueprint

Do names have Power? The ancients knew that words and names have power. What does your name reveal about you? What does it have to teach you about yourself? Join us and "know thyself"! This class is league's beyond what you'd find in a name dictionary.

Everyone is seeking a method to assist them upon the spiritual path. Learning the sacred power within our names is the ideal starting point. Our names are bridges to our Souls. By learning how to work with them – we raise our consciousness. This class will take you into the mystical power of words. Through the exploration of our names and its elements - we will come to understand the adage “Know thyself”. Our names reveal our true spiritual essence and affect the energies within our lives. This course is a vehicle for spiritual self-discovery. You will never view your name or your "Self" in the same way again! We will:

• explore the power of sound and other methods of harnessing the power of your name to help raise consciousness and manifest your highest potential.
• explore the elements within your name to understand your spiritual DNA & unique soul “fingerprint”
• learn how name changes, marriages, adoptions affect your energy & life lessons
• learn the power of surnames, middle names, and nicknames.

Unique to other formats, it offers each participant a Soul mini-reading and personal power mantra to facilitate their Self-work. These tools don’t replace a complete Soul Blueprint reading, but do clarify the soul’s purpose. Please bring your name as it is on your birth certificate and your birth date, as course tools .I am looking forward to sharing the wisdom and power of the Name with you!

What people are saying about the class:
"To say this was just a class is an under-statement! It was more of a voyage within & a healing. We were blown away by Diana's depth & accuracy. She is a dynamic & generous teacher. She gave each of us a mini-Soul reading & tools for personal empowerment. These were a greater gift within an already fantastic class! .. The class was a blessing! I speak for all of us that attended. ~ Lei Bryant, WA

NEW!! Shift Happens - GPS for the Journey Called Life

Navigating our way through the changes in our lives can feel like a daunting task. We find ourselves outside the realm of our experiences, understanding, and comfort zones. This place can feel frightening and disruptive - but it is the space of Awakening & Creativity.

In this course, we will explore the purpose of change, sorrow, confusion & disillusionment in our lives. Many of us view all of these events/emotions with trepidation and as endings or failures which contribute to our fears. Rather, these are rites of passage – openings for growth. Together, we will take the journey of the Soul through these passages. This will help us to identify, understand the significance of, and embrace the lessons/gifts of each stage of the journey.From this discovery process, we will then create a roadmap for successfully navigating change. Each student will receive viable tools for self-understanding that can be applied to any life change. This class is empowering. It rekindles our faith, helps us to remember that we are here on Earth to bloom and it resets our perceptions by taking us from confusion to clarity.

The Art of Manifestation - Creating Your Life from Your Heart

All of us are powerful Creators! Most of us just don’t know how to channel that energy so that it serves our Good. We have the Power to bring our dreams to Life! In this workshop, we will explore the Divine Principles of Manifestation and Co-creation. We will learn how to apply these principles; come to understand the dynamics of the Law of Attraction; discover how to tap into our unlimited potential, and learn practices to re-awaken the creative life force energy within us. You are invited to join us for a day dedicated to Inspiration, learning to Manifest from our Hearts, and Joyful Self Expression. We will bring our Dreams to Life through creative play - a form of Prayful Art. The work that we will do before creating our art will assist each of us to connect to our hearts in a deeper way and clarify our vision. From this space, our most authentic Selves can emerge. Each of us will create a personal Manifestation Shied. Each shield will be a "visual intention" (in collage form) of the qualities, values, relationships, type of life, etc. ... that we desire to manifest for ourselves. Art paper (approx. 14 x 17 inches) and shared scissors and glue will be supplied. Students are asked to bring their own colored pens, crayons, or markers and any pictures from magazines or internet, and other small items that represent how they would like to live, the qualities of Being, or/and what they would like to manifest etc… After the shields are completed, we will do a guided Manifestation Meditation and blessing ceremony to seed our vision.

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine has many faces. She is the Creator Goddess, Divine Mother, Muse, Grace, and Love. She is the voice of our Soul and the longings of our Hearts. In the spirit traditions of our forebears - the Sacred Feminine has always been the equal partner of the Divine Masculine. They knew that all that is Divine is both Feminine and Masculine.

In this introductory workshop, we will explore our Sacred heritage, the Feminine mysteries, and remember our spiritual promise. We will first learn how ego dismantled the Truth and our cultures grew imbalanced. From that understanding, we can begin the healing process and the reclaiming of our Divine birthright. In our initial work together, we will begin the journey of healing by remembering and reconnecting to our female ancestral lineage thru a guided process. The Wisdom of the Sacred Womb will also be discussed. Afterwards, we will explore practices that help to balance our masculine and feminine polarities. This class offers these teachings and practices as a guide for the Journey so that we can understand, embrace, and reclaim our Feminine Power and Divine heritage. It is time to return to our origin which is Love. All of us have a role in this evolution. We are in the great dance of Life together. Join us – learn, reconnect, heal, and celebrate the Divine Feminine Within. Pre-registration is required. Wear comfortable clothing & bring a floor pillow or blanket roll-up for our work together.

Introduction to Hawaiian Huna

Huna is the original science of healing and spiritual development of the Hawaiian people. The word Huna means “secret or hidden”. The system is said to be over 35,000 years old with links to the continent of Lemuria. Huna is a system of personal development, a practice, a healing methodology, and a state of “Being”. Some have called it a “psycho-spiritual” tradition. Although it is an ancient practice, it has a modern application. Huna offers methodologies to clear and heal relationship with ourselves and others. It offers strategies to replenish, maintain, and direct "Mana" or life force energy. The teachings provide guidance about how to connect with and live your purpose, manifest your Divine potential, and live in harmony with the environment and other living things. In this introductory course, we will focus upon the Huna concept of the 3 selves, Mana (life force), the 7 Huna principles, and explore Huna meditation, blessing, and healing practices.

Angel Communication 101 - Partnering With Your Angels & Guides

In this workshop, you will learn how to more easily partner with your Angels and Guides. Angels are the Divine Messengers of God. Your Angels know you intimately and understand how to guide you to bring the qualities of your Soul into its' highest potential and expression. They, along with your guides, are dedicated to helping you to rise into greater Love, Grace, and Wisdom. Diana will guide the group though several healing meditations to facilitate the Soul Work that will be accomplished. The initial meditation will cleanse and purify the aura and chakras to prepare us for working with our Angels and Guides. We will then meet the Archangel that works most closely with us and receive an individual message.

You will learn useful practices that will help you to:

• Open up to your own higher wisdom
• Sense messages from your angels more clearly
• Work with your spiritual support team to clear blocks and open to receive

The skills and experiences that we share during our day together will help you to live with more Awareness. You will feel energetically balanced/revitalized after attending this workshop and more empowered to Love and work in partnership with their Higher Self and Heaven.

Psychic Teen's Intuitive Development Training

Are you or do you know a psychic or sensitive teen? Are you/they able to sense how others are feeling? Do you/they see or feel energy? Do you/they sometimes just know things? Do you/they have questions about understanding & managing your gift? Or about how to trust and develop it further? If so, this course is designed for you/them!

Being intuitive is a wonderful gift that needs to be understood and nurtured. In this workshop, participants will learn to connect to and honor their gifts in a gentle, safe, and Light environment. Students will gain practical skills to support a strong balanced connection and confidence in their natural psychic abilities. We will discuss discernment, connecting to our gifts in a respectful way, how to cope with people that do not understand us, and trust. This course will introduce teens to the practices of grounding, centering, and meditation to deepen self-awareness. Students will learn about energy, how to protect themselves from unhealthy psychic energy, how to manage their own energy, and establish healthy boundaries so that they are better able to interact with the environment and the people around them. This workshop will offer a comfortable place to talk with other teens who share similar life experiences. Join us! Ask your questions, learn, explore new and old ideas, share with others, and make new friends. Participants will leave the class more empowered and with a deeper understanding of themselves. We will practice meditation, energy sensing, and engage in several fun intuitive development exercises. Please wear comfortable clothing. There will be a small segment for parent questions at the end of the class for those interested. Please arrive 15 mins before the class ends to participate. Pre-registration required. Seating is limited.

The Tao of Forgiveness - Essential Practices for Freedom & Personal Transformation

What is forgiveness? What is it "Not"? How do I forgive? Why should I? I don't know how or if I can. Does forgiving mean that what occurred was Ok? What happens to those that harm others? Will I ever be free or happy?

These questions and more will be addressed in this workshop. This class is both a spiritual inquiry about the nature of forgiveness and it offers support for the process of forgiveness. The workshop is designed for “everyone and anyone” that may feel helpless, stuck, depressed, angry, or that they cannot or don’t know to forgive. In this class, we will first learn what "Forgiveness" really is. Additionally, we will examine strategies that help identify our hidden issues/triggers so that we are no longer slaves to them. Discussion and practices that support healing of these specific areas will also be highlighted: understanding anger, how un-forgiveness influences our lives in obvious and not so obvious ways, how to “free our Will”; how to release behaviors patterns, and/or people that siphon off our energy; how to ask for forgiveness for ourselves, and how to forgive. We will examine some helpful processes to reclaim our personal power and peace of mind. Guidelines for healing within relationship will also be offered. Forgiveness is a journey that challenges us to grow beyond our old standards of measure. It empowers us to face the future unencumbered by our history or someone else’s story. This workshop is gentle yet very powerful. The processes explored within it are effective and serve as a roadmap on the road of Life.



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