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What's New at Sacred Spiral Dance

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I came across these words in my journal and wanted to share them: "We sometimes forget to see ourselves and others as we/they are Now. Life is not stagnant. It is ever changing & we, as a part of Life, change as well. What do you see when you look in the mirror? How do you feel? Practice softening your gaze as you look at your reflection. Silence the inner critic. Pretend that you are greeting an old and very dear friend in the mirror! Feel the warmth and a smile emerge. From that space, send yourself love and acceptance for who you are Now. Do this often. Your today will change as well as your tomorrows. All lasting change begins Within."

I'd like to introduce 2 new service offerings:

Transformational Spiritual Coaching - provides coaching with an "intuitive edge" to help you work through issues, navigate stuck places, release dis-empowering beliefs/habits, and step into your potential. Series of 3 - 4 sessions focused upon your requirements. After each session, you will receive an action plan via email with suggested recommendations for moving forward. Sessions are avail in person or via phone. Phone sessions are recorded. A secure link for session download is provided to you. Package rates are at a special discounted rate. Sessions are not transferable.

Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing - A powerful tool in my healing practice. A mini-reading is included. 60 - 90 min sessions available. I practice the following modalities: Hawaiian Healing, Rainbow Light Therapy & other Shamanic healing techniques. Benefits: Realigns us with Divine Source, balances/grounds, and clears energy blockages that contribute to ill health or disconnection from Self, our Inner Wisdom, and the Divine. Many clients report feeling the healing experience on a deeper level. They leave the session feeling aligned and steady. Healing sessions can be done periodically as an energy tune-up. Longer term results or targeted concerns may require a series of sessions, typically 2 - 3. Individual requirements vary. Energy imbalances build in our bodies over years. A qualified healer works with the bodies wisdom to facilitate a healthy release and to realign the client with their blueprint. Series of 3 - 6 sessions focused upon your requirements. Package rates are at a special discounted rate. Sessions are not transferable.

For more information on these service packages and rates, please Contact Diana

Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoyed your visit to my website, please share my link and newsletter with others.

Much Love!


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Gift certificates are available in any denomination: Beautiful color email gift certificate format. They may be ordered via the website in denominations of: $50, $150, or $200 or customized amounts may be requested via telephone or email.

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