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Services Testimonials

Diana Harris is a gifted Medium and she is ‘the real deal.’ The first time I attended one of her group sessions, I did not know what to expect. When she spoke my mother’s name and told me her cause of death, I was in total shock. Years later, I went back to her after my boyfriend was in a fatal motorcycle accident, only telling her that I had just lost the man in my life. She told me how he died, explained the accident in detail and told me his son’s name, who rode on the motorcycle with him the day before the accident. He said through her that he is still with me, and then described many specific things that were going on in my life, including that very morning. He also stated my son’s name and gave specific details about his life including a major life decision that he made that week.

I’ve brought many friends to see her since then. She immediately knew the names of their passed spouses, and even their nicknames, which were not even known to me. She knew how exactly how they passed and also gave evidence from their loved ones in spirit about details in their current life to let them know they are still with them from the other side. All of those whom I have recommended Diana to told me afterwards that there is no doubt in their minds that she is able to speak to their loved ones who have passed on. Diana is definitely tapped in to heaven and I find her details to be more than 95% accurate. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I feel as though my loved ones in spirit somehow guided me to her for messages of love, light and guidance from the other side. Jayne Cousins, M. Ed, MA

Diana is so gifted at what she does. I have walked away from every session and class feeling more enriched and empowered. Diana's energy makes me feel supported and connected to my Higher Self. She speaks the truth without judgement or ego. I feel so blessed to have Diana in my life! R.J, New York, NY

For more than 13 years, I have been a client of Diana Harris. Her extremely accurate readings are delivered in a compassionate, warm and approachable style. Due to Diana's extensive experience and spiritual knowledge, her classes are entertaining and rich in content. Diana's talents as a medium are unsurpassed, and her guidance has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for accurate, intuitive insights and mediumship.
Dianne - Merrimac, MA

Ms. Harris is a gifted medium and intuitive counselor. She has earned a solid reputation locally and nationally. Diana is a genuine compassionate messenger of Spirit. She will put your mind and heart at ease as you witness her make connection after connection with loved ones and friends in Heaven. It is immediately apparent to all that witness her - that Diana loves her work. Her joy fills the room. Don’t miss an opportunity to see Diana. Ms. Harris truly does have a special connection to Heaven. And, it reminds us that we are so much more. Karen Carlson, Maine

Diana's messages are always delivered with compassion. She empowers clients to make positive changes in their lives when they come seeking guidance on challenging life issues. Although she sometimes makes people cry during mediumship sessions, it is always tears of joy from feeling connected to the loved ones they have lost. The large number of clients who bring their friends and family members to see Diana is a true testimony to the power of her work in helping people improve their lives.” Cathy Levine, owner of Circles of Wisdom

My meetings with Diana literally changed my life. Through Diana I believe I received divine guidance which prompted me to make some major changes in my life. I am now leading an infinitely more joyful and fulfilling life because I feel that I am now living my soul's true purpose. Diana is warm and compassionate and radiates light and love as she shares her gifts. I will always think of her as my "guardian angel." I could not recommend her more highly. Pam B, Philadelphia, PA

Diana Harris a master weaver and a very gifted channel of Light. The channeling event was amazing. I look forward to much more from Diana! My heart was filled & my view of the world was much broadened. I am most grateful Denise P., MA

“On more than one occasion when I was struggling to make sense of events taking place in my life Diana's readings proved to me that our loved ones who have passed on are still around us. Diana's readings have given me insight, clarity and guidance. I was able to proceed with confidence and peace of mind. Diana truly possesses a beautiful and wonderful gift.”
Jacqueline S, MA

Diana has made guest appearances in my shop in Florida to educate and enlighten people in the community. She has touched so many people in such a positive way--too many to count! She is truly a gift from God, because she is always looking out for the highest good of all involved. I would highly recommend her.Kathleen, Inner Journeys, FL

I first met Diana years ago at an Expo. The moment I saw her I could feel her positive energy that emulated the entire room. As she graced the room and reached souls from the other side of the rainbow my heart skipped a beat. I prayed my beloved 13 year old brother would reach out to her to give my mom a message. She approached my mom after being pulled back to the side of the room we were sitting. She said "Your son is sitting beside you. He wants you to know that he is happy and wants you to be happy and live your life." She had no other way of knowing my young 13 year old brother had died of leukemia. This was not the only time that she was remarkable in reaching to the other side. My friend's son Casey had died unexpectedly. She relayed a message to me that Casey (not a common name) wanted to let his mom know he was happy, that his passing was indeed an accident and that he was rolling on the floor laughing. As I relayed the message to my friend she began to cry. She and her son would always laugh so heartily at jokes they would fine themselves rolling on the floor laughing. Jacqui, MA

My first experience with Diana was nothing short of mind-blowing. My husband and I thought I had an intuitive reading scheduled, but in fact it turned out to be an incredibly healing mediumship session for him. Our following readings were insightful, accurate, and presented gentle guidance thorough our dilemmas. In further working with Diana, I had the opportunity to take several of her classes which I found to be so much fun that I continually look forward to her schedule. As a healer, intuitive, and teacher Diana is one of the most powerful and dynamic I have ever experienced.”Cindi Richards

Have you ever lost your spirit? I have several times over the past years. I felt lost in my work, my life, and my relationships. A few years ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting Diana Harris. Diana has restored my spirit and sense of life purpose many times. Her wisdom, encouragement, and insight are a true blessing. She has always offered me guidance and has given me inspiration. Though she does not solve my dilemmas, she offers advice and hope to redirect my thinking and actions. I feel truly blessed to have met Diana and recommend her with great confidence to anyone who has ever lost his/her direction and needs some spiritual guidance. Thank you for your work and dedication, Diana. Doris Eder, Co Founder, The Coach Approach: Personal Solutions for Weight Loss

On May 11, 2005 my friend Bill died. He was 91. He was surrounded by a few people he loved as well as a whole cast of spirits & angels. He had been taking steps to pass for many years & there were some personal forces that were holding him back. Diana worked with my friend Bill's son & myself by giving us advice from his deceased wife, Eleanor. It was clear that Bill wanted to go & we needed to help him "pass". The messages were so perfectly "Ellie" that we had no choice but to believe they were from her in the spirit world. It was comforting to hear from her & to help Bill move towards her. Although Diana never physically met Bill, I feel she was a part of his "passing". We are grateful for her contact with Ellie & continue to find comfort in Bill's peaceful "passing". I would recommend Diana's mediumship and intuitive sessions.” Heidi

Diana helps me gain perspective on what I have to do and often how. She very constructively helps me hone in on patterns I need to break, how to stay optimistic when I start to get discouraged, and ways to be so much more observant about what is going on. I was looking for how to live a more joyful life and Diana helps me break down the barriers I find. (or create). A 30 minute healing session with Diana has replaced the hot stone massages as my "feel better" treat - the effects last longer too!”Joan M

I have had the profound opportunity of having readings with Diana Harris and the first words that come to mind to describe the experience are integrity and Divine guidance. There is no doubt that Diana has a special and sacred connection to the Light. She guides you through the messages she receives on your behalf to help you toward your most evolutionary lessons. Not only is she a master at articulating the messages she receives intuitively, but she is also a great teacher and a healer. An intuitive reading from Diana Harris is never simply the revelation of the answer to your questions; it is in equal parts a lesson in clarity and compassion. I.M.


Sacred Spiral Dance - Product Testimonials

I believe that Diana's products are top quality because of how selective Diana is of her ingredients, and her wonderful and loving energy she channels into them. They are a labor of love, and it shows. My customers love them!” Kathleen, Inner Journeys, Melbourne, FL

“We use Diana' s vibrational mists at the center for energy clearing and to prepare sacred space. I personally use Diana's bathsalts and find them most soothing and comforting.”
Pam Ross, owner, Aquarius Sanctuary, Littleton, Ma

“Diana's innate understanding of the gifts of Mother Earth coupled with her intuition have allowed her to create a beautiful vibrational healing product line. Not only do they smell wonderful, energetically they hold a high vibration, and they work! Much Success to you, Diana” Jim, holistic healer

“I have attended some classes taught by Diana & have had readings as well. I have been impressed by her abilities! Recently, I started using one of Diana's sprays to cleanse my tarot cards between readings & have been happy with the results. My clients like the spray too! This is a good replacement for burning tobacco or sage when the building requirements don't allow burning. Overall, I am impressed with Diana's abilities, integrity & compassion.”
Frank J.

I have had healing sessions with Diana and have subsequently been drawn to her mists and sea salt therapies. I love the way that she has integrated the Wisdom that she channels into her products. Using them prolong the positive effects of our sessions. As an empath, I am very sensitive. Diana’s products help me remain balanced and clear. I love them! They are natural, truly of high vibration, and smell quite nice. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.”
Marianne A.

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