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Diana's Musings & Published Work

If a writer is so cautious that they never write anything that cannot be criticized, they will never be able to write anything that can be read. If you want to help other people, you have got to make up your mind to write things that some people will condemn.
~ Thomas Merton

Welcome to my Musings page! There are so many great Souls that have been my Muse on this journey. Thomas Merton's quote reminds me to stay true to my Path. The following musings, floetry, and other work flowed from my heart, then to pen, and finally to paper. I hope that my dances on paper inspire, encourage, and lift you. I share them with Love.


All photography and written work on this page is the property of Diana Harris & is copyright protected. ©

My Musings

When I look at my life, my leaps of Faith have taken me further than my jumping to conclusions. ~ Diana

Today, I slow down and walk gently upon Mother Earth. I honor her and see the face of God in all things. ~ Diana

If we allow ourselves to be present for the learning rather than hiding from the lesson - we can move forward more empowered. ~ Diana

Do not believe your eyes until you open them! ~ Diana

When we forget the words of a prayer we have known..perhaps it is time for us to create our own – to listen to the Still Voice Within and allow her to express herself through us.~ Diana

God created the Earth round so that we could learn Faith when we could not see to the other side. ~Diana

There is no place in this Universe that is not held in the gentle embrace of the Beloved. You are not alone. We are not alone. Now, allow yourself to feel that Knowing. No more constriction. ~ Diana

It’s not the conditions of our lives that make us happy – it is the dance of our thoughts and the way that we move through the world speak to either happiness or unhappiness. What song are you dancing to? Life is the spiritual practice…we are either practicing happiness and practicing unhappiness. ~Diana

One never truly appreciates the cooling shade of a tree unless they have sweated under a hot sun. This is so with Life is it not? ~ Diana

God created the Earth round to remind us that all of Life is Connected.~ Diana

I allow the poetry of the Universe and the symphony of the Sacred to express itself through me. ~ Diana

To live is to change, to mature, to recreate oneself, and to awaken to our Inner Possibility. Navigating our way through the changes in our lives can feel like a daunting task. We find ourselves outside the realm of our experiences, understanding, comfort zones - in unchartered waters and unfamiliar terrain. This is the space between the old energy and the New. This place can feel frightening and disruptive - but it is the space of Awakening & Creativity. ~ Diana

We know from Mother Earth’s cycles that Beginnings only happen out of endings. The butterfly is born when the caterpillar releases life. The frog is at first a tadpole. Winter gives way to the spring. Change is the only constant in life - paradoxical as that may seem. ~ Diana

The stories that we tell ourselves about our circumstances, others, life, & ourselves are the stories that we Live. Our Beliefs are the pen that etches the character of our living in the Book of Life. ~ Diana

Fear faced becomes awareness. Awareness facilitates enlightenment. As understanding grows – one naturally comes to express more love, joy, care, and concern for all of Life. It comes forward as a spring to nourish the natural blossoming of an awakened Soul. ~ Diana

Life offers us her wisdom generously. Every event and every life-form on Earth teaches us something about our selves, but not everyone learns. ~Diana

Sooner or later, we realize that we are not mere flesh and bone but rather we are fashioned from the Divine. When that moment comes, we are free to make manifest the Love and Light that we are. ~ Diana

Poetry & Floetry

Reconnect to the Beauty of Mother Earth and
You will remember that you are part of the Circle of Life.
Listen with your Heart and
You will hear Heaven speak.
Love the person in the mirror and
You will see the Beauty of your Soul.
Forgive and You will free yourself.
Be still and You shall receive.
Breathe deep and You will savor Heaven.
Give gratitude and you will see your Dreams bear fruit.
Share, Play, and Trust like a child and you will know Heaven’s Wonder.
Honor Life and it will honor you in return.
Bless Life and the Soul of the World will sing your song.
Love Life and she will Love you back. Copyright ©2010

My Prayer
Dearest Mother/Father God,
Help me to Dance this Life –
Heartfully, Soulfully, Joyfully, Peacefully, and with Grace
Help me to surrender my small self to the much greater One Within
If it is Thy will – allow me to teach others the great Dance
When it is time to retire my dancing shoes and make my way Home –
May it be a gentle Surrender
May the legacy I leave be one of Love
May my footprints upon Mother Earth have left trails of Light
May my Life have filled the shoes that You gave me to Walk & Dance this World in.
Copyright ©2005

Song of My Soul
Your Wisdom sings to me in deep, rich tones
It's melody - a tapestry of Love and Light
Peace rules the rhythm of my heartbeat
For We have known You many, many times
Rejoiced in You many, many times
Returned Home to You many, many times
There is no end - instead New Beginnings
Darkness and Death are just an illusion
There is nowhere - where your Song does not sing Itself
Your rhythm does not breathe
Your Wisdom sings to me - the melody of the Angels
The Knowingness of Love and of God
Calling me to awaken from the slumber of night
Your Wisdom Is the Song of My Soul
Copyright ©2002

Dolphin Spirit
each me the song of the Soul of the World
Teach me to Trust the rhythms of Life and to honor mine
Teach me to face fear, as I must sometimes dive deep to discover Truth
For it is true that I am often afraid of the dark
Teach me Surrender so that I may release what does not serve
Teach me the Breath so that I may express my true Power and
Know the Grace of Allowing
And dear brother/sister, teach me to see myself and the World through your eyes so that I may dance with you in the Ocean of Love.
Copyright ©2007

A Spiritual Warrior's Code
I am a Spiritual Warrior. I am grateful for Life’s lessons and bless its challenges.

My practice is everyday life. My spirituality is not based upon my being perfect, special, or above others, nor does it give me license to judge or condemn. I remain humble, for I know we are all on the same path.

I have learned that all Life carries Wisdom within it - the trials, the light and the dark, and the seeming(ly) weak and strong. I take nothing for granted. I am Present. I am not (so) quick to dismiss a teaching or a person with the words: I know that already - for I realize that I may silence a message from or for my Soul.

The World is my mirror. It reflects back to me my beliefs, lessons, and my gifts. I acknowledge my shadow rather than silence it, because it is the part of me that wants to unfold into the Light. I practice forgiveness. In doing so, I free myself and others. I see the sacred in All that is.

My work is Love made visible. I inspire and uplift others. I instill hope where there is sadness or despair. I help others to reaffirm their faith in themselves and in Life. I share my insights in a loving productive way. I educate, acknowledging that I too have much to learn. I remain open to the Infinite and the possible. I serve the Light and know that the Light supports us in all ways. I trust and am trustworthy. I honor the free will of others. I bless what I do not understand and place it in the loving arms of the Universe. Everything and everyone has purpose. I am a Disciple, a Warrior, a Teacher, and a Student of code is Love.
Copyright © 2006

Have Patience my friend - have Patience
Softly as the rain, your future comes
To prepare you for the harvest
The fruits of your labor shall be born
Of your ideas and effort
All of creation has its season. Have Patience.
There is a time to plant and a time to gather
Trust that – All that is yours will come to You
Be tenacious of Spirit
Believe in the Power of your Creation.
Copyright ©1993

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At times of writing I never think what I have said before. My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with Truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from Truth to Truth. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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