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Group Mediumship Gatherings - Hello from Heaven

Why would someone wish to communicate with their loved ones that have crossed over? Why would Spirit want to communicate with us? The answer is simple: Love. We want to know that our loved ones are safe and at peace. They, in turn, want us to know that we have not lost our connection to them or their love.

The purpose of mediumship is to provide an opportunity for a re-connection to our loved ones so that a healing, closure, and a sharing of blessings (validation of love and/or memories) can occur.

Join Diana for an evening of connecting to your loved ones, friends, and pets that have passed on in a small group setting. The gathering is kept small so that everyone is ensured individual attention and receives a message. Group readings are excellent for opening up to the process of mediumship, provide a safe forum for you to reconnect to your loved ones, heal, and bring to rest outstanding issues and feelings.

These small group gatherings are uniquely beautiful experiences. The environment is gentle, light, and supportive. There is no script. Diana moves in flow with Spirit as she works her way around to each individual in the room. Spirit knows what we most require. Some spirits, just like some people, are chattier than others. Diana makes every effort to divide the time as equally as possible among the group. Quite often, those that attend sessions find that they share a common bond with others in the group. Sometimes, new friendships are formed or a message directed to another is exactly what is needed to facilitate your healing. Nothing is by chance!

Standard Registration:

To pre-register for a group session with Diana, please call 978-973-6637 or
click here: In your email, please provide the following:

1. Your name & a contact number
2. The number of participants attending
3. Please specify in your email: Group Mediumship

Please register early, as there is often a wait list. Seating is limited. Participants will be notified of the date/time, location, and other details as soon as each group is confirmed.

Group mediumship sessions are held at Diana’s office in Andover, Ma. Gatherings are scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday evening. Please arrive 5 mins early to ensure you are comfortably settled in before the session begins. We start promptly at 5:30pm. Each group session lasts between 2 – 2.50 hours depending upon the size of the group. Bring a pad and pen so that you may take notes during the session. Recording of the session is not permitted, so that each person's right to privacy is honored.

Private small group sitting: Please contact us for further information and a price quote. These events are held at Diana's office.

Large events: Diana will travel for "corporate events, holiday parties, or private functions". The event format is similar to the Hello from Heaven but is scaled to accommodate the venue. See The Reunion event description in the Event Catalog. Further information and price quote available upon request.
Contact: 978-973-6637 or

Cancellation Policy

Out of consideration for event participants and Diana's energy, a 48-hour cancellation policy has been instituted. If you must cancel an appointment, please notify our office at 978-973-6637 or email us. If we do not receive cancellation notification, your credit card will be billed for the full appointment. Advance notice of a cancellation allows us to schedule other clients that are wait-listed. Thank you!

How to Prepare for the Mediumship Session

• Allow yourself sufficient travel time so that you arrive relaxed.

• The environment is safe, gentle, and supportive. There is no need to feel nervous.

• It is not necessary to bring items of your loved ones in order to connect to them.

• Come with an open mind and heart so that you can get more out of the session. Relax your personal agenda. It helps create a bridge for dialogue between you and Spirit.

• Mediums don’t “conjure” spirit. They work with Spirit. No medium can guarantee that you will connect to the person that you’d like too. Diana acts as the conduit between you, Heaven, and your loved ones. Oftentimes, participants are pleasantly surprised to hear from multiple family members, friends, & pets.

• Lastly, please understand that mediums do not “fortune tell” nor is Spirit interested in “fortune telling”. Loved ones in spirit are most interested in letting us know that their crossing was a Rebirth - not an ending. The experience of crossing over changes their perspective about what is “important or valuable”. Spirit wants to share this wisdom and love with us.

We look forward to you joining us in celebrating “Life after Life” with your loved ones!




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