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Intuitive Services

Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance or Mediumship Consultations

Appointment Reservation
To confirm an appointment: You may either provide a credit card to hold your reservation, make a deposit, or pre-pay for the session. If reserving with a credit card, your card will not be charged in advance. It serves to confirm your appointment only. You may pay either via credit card or cash on the day of appointment.

Cancellation Policy: We have a standard 48-hour cancellation policy. If you must cancel or reschedule a session (yours or anyone that you booked), please contact 978-973-6637 or Advance notice of a cancellation allows us to schedule wait-listed clients. No show, no advance notice, & last minute cancellations will be charged for the appointment. In the event of unexpected severe weather, please call to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 4 hours before our session. Your credit card will not be charged.

Due to the high volume of requests for appointments, Ms Harris is unable to accommodate same-day requests. Diana offers both in-person and telephone consultations. To schedule an appointment, please contact 978-973-6637 or

Ms Harris offers both intuitive personal and business consultations. In the session, she connects with her clients on a soul level which allows her to see past the surface details or symptoms to get to the root of the issue. This level of intuitive awareness enables Diana to better serve those that come to her. She helps her clients to see themselves holistically - as a complete Being rather than as role that they play. This shift in self-awareness is transformational as it facilitates the healing and personal developmental processes.

Are you in the midst of a major transition or contemplating a change in your life? Have you asked yourself: What is my purpose? What are my gifts? Do I have spirit guides and angels? Whether your request is for guidance, soul purpose, healing, past life - karmic lessons, or a request to connect with loved ones that have passed away Diana' s objective is to assist clients in experiencing a positive shift, to feel empowered, and to help them re-align with their Divine Potential. An intuitive counseling session with Diana is an intimate conversation between you and your Highest Self! Diana can also help you to:

• Heal past and present life trauma (emotional, spiritual, & physical)

• Identify and heal limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors

• Understand and work with your gifted child

• Understand your present circumstances, clarify the lessons, and move forward

• Understand the purpose and dynamics of your relationship (s)

Individual consultations (1 attendee):

60 Minute Session - $220 45 Minute Session - $165
30 Minute Follow-up Session - $120 ( valid within 1 week - 4 months of initial consult)
Feel free to bring your I-Phone or other voice recording device to record your session.

If you are interested in a private session for 2 or more attendees, please call for rates

Soul Purpose Readings: Your Soul's Biography

"Diana knew me better than I knew myself! I am still reeling from how she was able to know "me" and speak straight to my heart. In our time, I was able to heal some history. I am grateful and still processing. Now I am clearer and have the next steps for continuing my self work. Amazing!~ Theresa Peters

A Soul Purpose reading is a wonderful tool for self-understanding & personal empowerment. This type of reading is done only once. It is an assessment of the gifts, challenges, and karmic pre-dispositions that your soul chose in this lifetime. This reading is very powerful and life affirming. It is an opportunity for the client to truly "Know Themselves" and align with their highest potential.

Soul Purpose readings require "advance preparation" prior to the session
. Diana will require the birth certificate name (first, middle, last) full birth date, time, & location about 1-2 weeks before the appointment. These details enable her to look at all of the elements within the soul story. Spiritual guidance and information shared from your Akashic records by your angelic support team will be used to create the soul blueprint. Session pre-work time: 1.5 hrs. At the meeting, you and Diana will review the profile, elaborate upon the key elements, discuss tools for moving forward, and address any questions. The face-to-face session is approx 45 min's. The cost includes about 1.5 hrs of pre-work: a 4-6 page report of the analysis of the metaphysical linguistics and elements within the name, birth date analysis, and a soul reading of the present path. You will receive a complete profile in hardcopy and tools for growth. Fee: $320 (Total time: 2.25 hrs)

Telephone Consultations

We ask that you pay for services at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. We accept payment via PayPal (credit card, debit card, or check,) Please use the links below to pre-pay for telephone sessions.

As a courtesy, telephone sessions are recorded via a conference call service. Your session recording will be available via a secure link for playback or download to your computer.

Important! You do not need a PayPal account to pay for services, just a major credit card or debit card. Payments submitted via your "checking account or echeck" typically take 3-5 business days to process via PayPal. Service cannot be rendered until PayPal authorizes the transaction.

Diana supports international and national clients. Pls use appropriate links for payment. Thank you!

U. S Payment Processing:

45 Minute Telephone Session - $169.00 This session will be e-billed via PayPal. Contact Diana

60 Minute Telephone Session - $224.00

30 Minute Follow-up Telephone Session - $124.00 ( valid within 1 week - 4 months of initial consult)

International Payment Processing: PayPal international transactions rates are higher.

45 Minute Telephone Session - $180.00 This session will be e-billed via PayPal. Contact Diana

60 Minute Telephone Session - $232.00

30 Minute Telephone Session - $136.00
( valid within 1 week - 4 months of initial consult)

Looking for that perfect gift?
Consider a gift certificate from Sacred Spiral Dance. Gift certificates can be purchased online in denominations of $105, $150, or $200. Don't see an amount that works for you? Custom amount gift certificates can be ordered by contacting All gift certificates are now available in both electronic format!

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