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Energy Healing Services

"My discoveries have led me to hypothesize that
the Energy Field is the highest level of the mind of man,
and that it is through this level that we interrelate with the Cosmosphere.
I believe every debility and dysfunction begins, continues,
and stops, first in the energy field.
Health, then, should be viewed as the perfection and
maintenance of a dynamic energy field which is
flowing, coherent, and strong."

~ Dr Valerie V. Hunt
Professor Emeritus Department of Physiological Sciences UCLA

About Energy/Vibrational healing:
Many practitioners focus on Unconditional Love or Divine Light - bringing spiritual awareness into their interventions. Through focused intention, the practitioner facilitates the proper alignment of a persons 'energy field' to flow naturally, without blocks or interruptions. The technique draws upon, and enhances an individual’s “life force energy” to improve the functioning of the glands, immune system, & the healing process. Vibrational or energy healing embraces many modalities. All methods are based upon vibrational energy principles. The difference lies in the techniques used and skill level of the practitioner.

What to expect:
Diana believes that the body has its own wisdom. Discomfort, sleeplessness, feeling scattered, or other symptoms are some of the ways that the body calls attention to underlying issues. Each energy healing session is customized to help you to reconnect to your personal wisdom and gain a deeper perspective. Diana utilizes a full spectrum of techniques which may include but are not limited to energy work, chakra balancing, medical intuition, shamanic healing practices, Lemurian and Atlantean methodologies, release, and breath-work. Sessions may include vibrational therapies such as crystals or sound therapies utilizing Tibetan bowls. These methodologies help to unblock or recharge stagnant chi (energy) and re-align the body/energy pathways which promote mind/body/spirit well being. Ms. Harris’ primary objective is to identify and release energy blockages, limiting beliefs, and patterns of imbalance. She begins the session with an aura and energy scan. Diana looks for present and/or past life influences on the person, unconscious contracts regarding chronic conditions or illness, emotional triggers, false perceptions/images in the aura, and the level of soul integration. During the session, blocks are removed to facilitate the healing process and enhance 'life force energy' to improve the functioning of the glands and major body systems. Typically, clients experience an emotional and physical release, a balancing, and peacefulness.

Diana works with the client's Higher Self, and Divine Love to facilitate the process. Healing is always 50/50 between the healer and the client. Sometimes the healing work continues after the session is completed, with the client employing recommended spiritual or holistic healing methods into their lives to maintain a wellness state. This work may include perception or habit changes, forgiveness and release, meditation, and/or the usage of vibrational healing tools (e.g.: crystals, flower essences, energy cleansing baths). Diana utilizes specific correction protocols for MS and similar neurological disorders during the energy healing session.

“I was suffering from a myriad of aches and pains that my physician was unable to explain. I sought Diana's help. She got to the root cause, made corrections, and guided me towards the next steps to facilitate my healing. I have regained my esteem, flexibility, and purpose. Thank you Diana! ~ Betty

Energy healing consultations:
Energy healing consultations are “in person” private sessions. These consultations are not currently offered via telephone. The appointment typically runs 90 minutes and includes a short intuitive counseling session prior to the energy healing work. Diana currently conducts these energy healing sessions at various Holistic Centers or Spiritual Resource Centers in the greater Boston area and when she travels to work. Please call her for location, pricing, and date availability.

If you have a health/medical condition, or suspect that you do - seek immediate care with a competent medical doctor/health care provider. Medical Intuition and/or Holistic Healing work does not replace medical care. As an energy healing practitioner, Diana does not prescribe drugs or make health claims or promises. The purpose of the session is to complement the healing process by helping to address the "whole person" - Mind, Body, & Spirit.

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