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Vibrational Healing Case Study

In 2003, I conducted several tests of my vibrational healing mists utilizing Kirlian photographic equipment. Kirlian photography is a photographic process using a high voltage, low amperage field of 50,000 volts or more. The method was developed by Semyon Kirlian in 1939. It is often used to photograph the energy field of humans and objects. The technology picks up radiations around the subject which are not visible to the eye and provides a mechanism of viewing the energy emanations of all forms of life. Kirlian photographs can reveal a variety of factors including life force energy, physical, emotional, and mental states. The process can also function as a medical diagnostic instrument for monitoring the effects of various therapies.

In this case study, I utilized Kirlian photography to measure the energy field (aura) of my subjects “before” and “after” using my vibrational healing mists. Each Kirlian photograph is a unique snapshot of the person’s energy body at the time the picture was taken. Colors and patterns vary according to the individuals’ life force energy, physical health, and emotional and mental state. The effect of the mists on the energy field was measurable and easily distinguishable in the photos.

In the following case study photos, Kirlian photography makes visible the body’s physiological and energetic states “before and after” using the Angel Illumination Healing Waters Mist.
The information revealed by the images in the photo illustrates the effectiveness of the vibrational spray upon each of the test client’s energy field.

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Energy centers out of balance.
Blurry heart & throat chakras may
indicate emotional over- extension.
Indistinct root chakra.
Aura size doubled & fluffier.
Energy centers coming into balance.
Healing energy activated in the
auric field. (green)
Congestion around the upper chakras
& heart indicates anxiety. Muddy
areas within the aura. Extended
root may indicate safety/health issue.
Aura size doubled & fluffier.
Healing green energy entering
the auric field. Chakras & aura
clearing. Mind active but calmer.

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