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About Our Vibrational Healing Products

Throughout time, Mother Earth’s kingdom has been utilized to facilitate the holistic healing process. Plants and crystals were used for medicinal purposes, emotional support, and spiritual aide. Humanity understood that every living thing has a frequency, a tone, a vibration, color, and even light emanations coming from it. Pure essential oils are encapsulated light, passing from Heaven to the sun, onward to the plant kingdom, and then to us. Each plant has a vibration that connects with the human energy field causing effects in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Crystals are also light. They have the ability to store, transmute, and generate energy which can help us release emotional limitation, enhance the personal growth process, and bring balance to the body. The Universe’s intent is that our growth and evolution be a gentle unfoldment. Mother Earth offers the gifts of her body and her Wisdom so that we may do so.

Each vibrational blend was created through channeled guidance to help release imbalances, restore spiritual, mental, and emotional harmony. During the creation process of each formula, I was guided to use a combination of gemstones, plant essences, and/or pure essential oils. Each formula was uniquely designed to work on the various energy systems of the body and to help the user work through a particular set of emotional, thought form, or spiritual patterns.

All were created through Love and with Love. Each formula is charged with the energy of a particular grouping of Ascended Masters and/or Archangels. These formulas encourage us to heal the sense of separation that we have from the Divine. They foster the realization that we are “One with the Universe”. There is no separation only at One-ment with the Divine.

The products are designed to work individually or in conjunction with each other. They also complement other therapies and practices to increase their effectiveness.

All formulations are made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils and are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and colors. The Healing Waters mists are safe for use on and around the body to clear unwanted energies, balance, or to enhance energy. They may also be used for environmental purification, to create sacred space, or to raise the vibration of any area. The mists are especially recommended for those who are sensitive to energy or are engaged in a meditative or a spiritual practice. Holistic practitioners and body workers find them ideal for keeping the work place clear and in high vibration. The mists complement feng shui practices, are great for environmental purification, enhance chi energy, clear and balance the personal energy field, and replenish a depleted vibration.

The bath salts are made with Dead Sea Salts, premium sea salts, herbs, and a proprietary crystal essence and essential oil blend. Some formulas include Hawaiian and Himalayan Sea Salts. Sea salt has been used for eons as a body detoxifier, cleanser, and as spiritual purifier. In many indigenous cultures, salt was used in purification rituals to cleanse the environment and the human energy field. These bath blends are powerful tools for keeping the energy field clear and are beneficial to the body. They are non-drying to the skin, safe for those with sensitive skin, and offer detoxification benefits, as well. All bath salt blends are Spa tub friendly.







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